Global Bioplastics Award 2017

The Global Bioplastics Award was presented by Michael Thielen from Bioplastics Magazine during the 12th annual Global Bioplastics Award ceremony.

The Awards were given during the European Bioplastics Conference 2017 (12th Edition) in Berlin. The Winner is MAIP.


The 5 nominees were:

  • TU/e Technische Universiteit Eindhoven (The Netherlands) – Fully biobased pedestrian bridge. Website

A fully biobased pedestrian bridge, the first in the world, has been realised at the TU/e campus, Eindhoven, Netherlands, spanning the river Dommel. After researching and testing various biobased material properties and optimising alternative structural designs, the bridge has been produced with the help of many students in all stages of design and production, using only biobased materials.

Biobrush turns wood scraps into toothbrushes. The handle as well as the packaging are made from bioplastics based on cellulose made of the wood waste from sustainable forestry. The bristles are made of 100 % renewable polyamide, the main component is castor oil, without harmful emollients.

  • MAIP (Italy) – I am NATURE: the first Bio-Technopolymer

Since commercial production of expandable polystyrene in 1952 the industry worldwide has been attempting to mould a durable, living hinge in particle foam. ICEE’s patented innovation means insulated boxes are no longer disadvantaged by their bulk as they can now be economically stored and transported flat, making them easy to return for reuse or recycling.

  • Adidas and Amsilk (Germany) – Futurecraft Biofabric shoe

The adidas Futurecraft Biofabric shoe features an upper made from 100% Biosteel® fibre, a nature-based and completely biodegradable highperformance fibre, developed by the biotech company AMSilk (Planegg, Germany). The material offers a unique combination of properties that are crucial in performance, such as being 15% lighter in weight than conventional synthetic fibres as well as having the potential to be the strongest fully natural material available.


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