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Turning Dust Into Stone with Bacteria by Martin Spitznagel founder of Dust Biosolutions GmbH

Turning dust into stonewith bacteria by Martin Spitznagel founder of Dust Biosolutions GmbH.

The company has developed a portfolio of 30 liquid biological binders able to work with sand stone, dusts, etc. The technology is called bio-cementation and use calcite producing bacteria. It takes 24 to 48h to be in full effect and support e.g. the weight of a heavy truck. It is very powerful to encapsulate dusts associated with extractive industries and is reportedly 34% cheaper than the cheapest chemical spray. It does not need to be used more than once or twice a year contrarily to water that requires spraying several times a day. It is not harmful to the environment and biodegrades. Next to the recent financing round, the company name will change from the current project name. Biology PhDs are in urgent need and are welcome to apply.


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