Bio-Polyols Conference Notes

Bio-based Polyols From Tall Oil and Rape Seed Oil for the PU Industry by Kristians Grundstoks

The Polyols market is worth 20bn USD and enjoys an 8% annual growth.

10th International Conference on Bio-bases Marerials – Köln, Germany- May 10-11, 2017

Company focuses on transforming primary hydrocarboxylic acids from rape seeds / canola and tall oil to make bio-based PU foams, combining bio-based polyols and recycled PET polyols with superior performances, when compared with BASF PU foam as a reference.

The company started in 2014 with a partnership between three surfing mates and the public institute of wood chemistry in Latvia, which had developed and patented the right polyol with no clue for turning it into a business.

Biopolyols can’t keep up with industry demand. PolyLabs’ bio-polyols are sold for 1500€ per ton, which is the price of fossil polyols, in order to accelerate the switch.

Quite an aggressive pricing policy at zero premium that actually browses a few feathers on the back of the oil chemistry majors.

PolyLabs is currently ramping up production on a project basis with pioneer customers.

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