Bio-Polyamides Conference Notes

Development of 1,5-Pentadiamine Based Polyamides by Alex Kedo 

The company is focusing on the production of novel specialty chemicals by biological techniques and replacing incumbent product by a bio-based equivalent with similar characteristics.

10th International Conference on Bio-bases Marerials – Köln, Germany- May 10-11, 2017

Cathay produces Long Chain Di-Acids (LDCAs) from paraffin or fatty acids in one step.

It also produces 1,5 pentane diamine (DN5) from biomass or plant sugars in one process step using micro-organisms. DN5 is a substitute of fossil HMDA to make PA56. This gives access to the 30bn$ global market of polyamides, specifically to the replacement of incumbent PA66 with a building block that is more sustainable.

PA56 improves textile performance with a better moisture absorbance and better elastic recovery. It also has inherent flame retardance, and dyes faster.

China runs a “National Super Imitation Cotton Program” blending polyester with polyamide. Terry*l PA56 does a great job for the blend as it has a melting point close to the melting point of PET.


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