Conference Notes Lignin & Cellulose

Established and New Applications for Lignin, Hemicellulose and Cellulose by Gudbrand Rødsrud

Borregaard has a turnover of 450 M€ and 1050 employees. Claims to operate the most advanced bio-refinery in the world to produce specialty cellulose and lignin.

10th International Conference on Bio-bases Marerials – Köln, Germany- May 10-11, 2017

Cellulose for other applications than paper enjoys a growth rate superior to the one of global GDP. Borregaard is the leading supplier of lignin based products. Mainly Lignosulfonates (market of 1.2 million tons ). Also investigate “organosolv” lignins, of which none is commercial yet, but which look promising.

To optimize the quality of the lignin, Borregaard developed and patented the BALI* technology and operate a demo plant. They look for a partner to develop the technology to industrial stage. BALI is feedstock agnostic, produces drop-in sugars and a highly functional lignin.

Borregard participates to the EU BIOFOREVER project.

Borregaard also developed EXILVA* micro fibrillated cellulose and build a 1000 tons per year demo plant with a grant of 25 million € from BBI in the category of “flagship” projects ( ref to point 1 of day 1). As well as SENEFI cellulosic texture enhancer and dietary fiber.

Currently starting to work on Mannose from Norway spruce to valorize it better than simply producing bio-ethanol as they currently do.


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