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Sustainable Supply Chain and Certification 4.0 by Dr Jan Henke

Sustainable Supply Chain and Certification 4.0 by Dr Jan Henke ISCC Systems GmbH

10th International Conference on Bio-bases Marerials – Köln, Germany- May 10-11, 2017

Will bioplastics repeat the biofuel saga with the sustainability issue? Companies using bio-based materials now make voluntary commitments to deforestation free sourcing.

ISCC has developed a sustainability standard for the agriculture, including of course land use change with innovative methods like the use of extended visual information (EVI) like satellite views over long periods of time.

ISCC is a leading certification system for all types of agricultural products. It ensures sustainability and traceability along the supply chain. The WWF benchmarking study, dated Nov 2013, ranked ISCC as one of the best sustainability certification body.

ISCC has currently 90 members ranging from global brand leaders to NGOs.

For sustainable bio-based materials, ISCC has certified specific entities/plants of companies like Braskem and Neste as such entities (e.g. sugar mills, the ethanol plants sourcing from them and the ethylene plant down the supply chain to the PE plant) were proven to source from lands that have not been subject to deforestation since the cut-up year of 2008. The same applies to Neste with palm oil fields. Deforestation that happened before 2008 to make these land produce palm oil is not considered by ISCC certification. And we know there has been a lot of deforestation happening before!


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