Conference Notes

Standardization, Labelling and Public Procurement of Bio-based Products by Lara Dammer

Standard is not legally binding but establishes technical specifications and requirements by consensus between the stakeholders of a sector.

10th International Conference on Bio-bases Marerials – Köln, Germany- May 10-11, 2017

A certification proves the compliance of a product with a standard or a norm

A label is a mean to communicate product properties and compliance to a standard.

Activities of CEN / TC 411: various standards have been drafted to determine the bio-based content of products beyond their C14 content ( base of US ASTM std), their sustainability and the communication of claims to consumers. A product can be certified as biodegradable in sea water but forbidden to claim it to end consumers not to encourage littering into the sea.

The existing standards available for now are “OK bio-based” from Vinçotte and “DIN geprüft bio-based” from DIN CERTO.

Std on LCA has also been established: EN ISO 14040 and 14044.


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