BioAmber and CCP Team Up

BIOAMBER & CCP team-up to increase the biobased content of composites, enhance their properties and enlarge their potential application spectrum.

BioAmber is Bankrupt

BioAmber is a next-generation chemicals company. Its proprietary technology platform integrates industrial biotechnology, an innovative purification process and chemical catalysis to convert renewable plant material feedstocks into chemicals for use in a wide variety of everyday products including plastics, food additives and personal care products. BioAmber produces a unique portfolio of green, renewable chemicals based on its bio-sourced platform chemical: Bio-Succinic Acid (Bio-SA™), originally developed in joint venture with Siclae-BRI, the R&D arm of the French Vivescia agricultural coop in Pomacle Bazancourt.

CCP Composites is one of the world’s largest producers of unsaturated polyester resins, thermoset composites and gel coats. CCP is a subsidiary of the Total Group and part of the refining & chemicals business.

During the Bioplastics conference in Berlin last decembre, Babette Pettersen, Chief Commercial Officer of BioAmber Inc. and Celine Verrat, Sustainable Development Manager, CCP Composites presented how bio-sourcing and specifically the use of BioAmber bio-succinic acid create a unique opportunity to bring new properties to resins and composites, broadening their addressable markets.

CCP’s first challenge was to prove performance as well as increasing renewable content in a low profile additive (LPA) for Sheet Molding Compounds (SMC’s) for composites for exterior automotive panels. The surprise was that they not only increased the bio-based content with BioAmber Bio-SA, but they also discovered novel properties in automotive parts: a combination of surface aesthetics and mechanical impact resistance, which offer unexpected performance benefits in exterior automotive panels and also dashboards

bioplastics bioamber

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