Tecnaro is a Bioplastics Company. All the most important info, data and news related to Tecnaro

The company name TECNARO is a synonym for the application of plastics processing technologies for the industrial use of renewable raw materials.

The development, production and sales of thermoplastic compounds, composites and blends based on renewable raw materials, Bioplastics and biomaterials

The TECNARO GmbH is an innovative company that develops and produces its own bioplastics and biocomposites based on renewable raw materials and markets them worldwide through ALBIS PLASTICS GmbH’s sales network, among others. TECNARO is among the leading technology companies with its thermoplastic biomaterials ARBOFORM®, ARBOBLEND® and ARBOFILL®.

Tecnaro Bioplastics Brands

  • ARBOFORM® is made from 100% renewable raw materials and is biodegradable.
  • ARBOFILL® materials are high-quality compounds made from renewable raw materials and plastics. By combining plastic and organic materials, you get aesthetic materials with interesting applications.
  • ARBOBLEND® Depending on the formula, ARBOBLEND® contains biopolymers such as polyhydroxyalkanoates, polyhydroxybutyrates, polycaprolactone, polyester, polylactic acid, lignin, natural resins, natural waxes, natural oils, natural fatty acids, cellulose, organic additives and natural reinforcing fibres.



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