Kiverdi was founded with a mission to commercialize supply chain solutions that address climate change. Kiverdi’s goals revolve around lowering carbon dioxide emissions while transitioning from the current practices that affect our world’s natural habitats and rely on fossil carbon.

To do so, Kiverdi is commercializing its NASA-inspired technology that uses microorganisms to transform carbon dioxide, along with other simple mineral nutrients and gases, into raw materials for everyday products, such as food ingredients, clothes, personal care items or industrial goods. Kiverdi offers a highly flexible and novel approach to the use of microorganisms that expands microbial production beyond yogurt, beer, cheese and bread, to oils, protein, and other bio-based products. By recycling carbon dioxide, Kiverdi is bridging the gap between sustainability and profitability, enabling a future of abundance.

Sustainable Chemicals
Kiverdi makes high-value oils and chemicals for a variety of product applications such as detergents, biomaterials and fuel additives. Kiverdi’s chemicals are sustainably produced from waste carbon and decoupled from the price fluctuations, supply chain disruptions, and geopolitics associated with commodities.

Innovative Platform
Kiverdi’s Carbon Engineering™ platform upgrades carbon-rich waste and syngas into drop-in and custom mid- and long-chain chemicals at a fraction of the cost of chemical catalysts and sugar-based technologies. The cost advantages and enhanced performance ensure superior margins for our customers and partners.

Abundant Supply
Kiverdi is addressing the growing demand for cost-competitive, sustainably sourced products that have a low-carbon footprint and that do not compete with food. Kiverdi can tap into the readily available, abundant, local, and renewable supply of carbon from landfills, livestock and wood waste, flue gas and industrial waste streams.




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