Biobatch is a bioplastics brands from Technocompound

Biodegradable compounds for film applications

TechnoCompound GmbH offers highly flexible biodegradable compounds under the name BioBatch. These polymers consist of biopolymers and special additives that are certified in accordance with DIN EN 13432 as well as ASTM D6400 by DIN CERTCO. Typical applications are garden and agricultural films, garbage bags, hygiene and packaging films.

The increasing environmental awareness requires the plastics industry to develop even more sustainable solutions. Biodegradable plastics are sustainable under more than one aspect. They are biodegradable which means they are decomposed by certain bacteria, thus offering an alternative to conventional waste disposal. Furthermore they are made at least partially from renewable raw materials, thus minimizing the carbon footprint.

TechnoCompound is currently working on further enhancements of the existing product portfolio which will make them even more attractive. They are focused on variations with an even higher bio-based content and improved biodegradability.

BioBatch 1851 and 1852 are composed of bio-based as well as fossil raw materials. Both products are suitable for printing without pre-treatment, for welding and bonding. Of course, BioBatch compounds may also be dyed.

BioBatch compounds can be processed on standard extrusion lines. Film lines processing PE-LD or PE-LLD can be switched to BioBatch without any modifications. Due to their compatibility with polyethylene changeovers do not require an interruption of the production process. Only a fine-tuning of the temperature profiles may be required.

Please find standard material properties of typical material groups in our product flyer. We would be pleased to receive a description of your requirements submitted via our request form on this website in order to send you our product recommendations.

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