Biobased Packaging BioPac


Conference – Amsterdam (Netherlands) 12-13 May 2015

  • Packaging is necessary.
  • Packaging protects the precious goods during transport and storage.
  • Packaging conveys important messages to the consumer.
  • Good packaging helps to increase the shelf life.

Packaging does not necessarily need to be made from petroleum based plastics.

Biobased packaging

  • is packaging made from mother nature‘s gifts.
  • is packaging made from renewable resources.
  • is packaging made from biobased plastics, from plant residues such as palm leaves or bagasse.
  • offers incredible opportunities.

The Conference highlights:

  • Current status on biobased packaging
  • Future and Scope of biobased packaging
  • Pitches of biobased packaging innovations
  • The pros and cons of biobased packaging
  • Which biobased materials are suitable for biobased packaging
  • Biobased materials with suitable barrier properties for food packaging
  • Biobased non-food retail packaging
  • Biodegradation, composting and environmental issues
  • Biobased labels, layers and adhesives
  • Growing markets
  • International supply and demand
  • Guidelines for biobased packaging communication
  • Pictograms, logos, icons, symbols
  • Certification
  • Table Top Exhibition
  • Panel discussions

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