The OXO witch-hunt continues in India

There's been a witch hunt against OXO in India ... a remake of the anti-OXO campaign that took place in the EU.

You need to read the following article (Imposter caught out of the bag).

The story goes as follow: all plastic biodegradability (OXO) or compostability claims are a fraud … except of course when they’re made with the official compostable label. The compostability labels are industry-owned and the witch-hunt against OXO is driven by the compostable plastics industry. The battle of plastic degrading technologies is about politics and money. The witch-hunt is also a technique to distract the accusations made against compostable plastics packaging:

  • Accusation: compostable plastics do not degrade.
  • Reply: no, it’s the OXO plastic that doesn’t degrade. Compostable plastics degrade under certain conditions (at an industrial composting facility).

The thing is that both OXO and compostable plastics look identical to an average Joe and that currently, compostable plastics are not being processed by industrial composters as there are many “challenges”. Instead of dealing with the challenges, it’s easier to blame OXO for the problem. The anti-OXO has been driven behind the scenes by BASF.

I’ve tried to identify the reasons why the compostable plastics industry has been built upon pushing OXO off the cliff, here’s the article: The Anti Oxo History.

Another reason is that lobbyists with a low moral were hired and discrediting other companies and technologies was part of the strategy; not in line with the moral code we should abide to : The Gentleman Fairy Tale

Anyway, karma is around the corner.

Read the full article

Imposter caught out of the bag

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