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Plant-Based Plastics Gain Favor as Companies Pursue Sustainability Goals. Bioplastic production is growing at a record clip amid strong demand from fashion and food-packaging companies, in particular. This is a FREE article

Personal Remarks

In particular, …. this was done according to a review done by the ‘Nova Institute’ which is heavily funded by the bioplastics industry. Nova Institute is not an “independent” organisation when it comes to bioplastics. The Nova Institute is a part of a German-based nebula that promotes and lobbies for bioplastics. It’s heavily connected to BASF. All their reports and studies will always put forward the benefits and advantages of bioplastics and ignore the disadvantages. The institute may have started from a noble cause … but it’s now heavily funded and thus dependent from the bioplastics and biofuels industry.

Overall, when it comes to bioplastics related studies and reports, you should take it with a pinch of salt as it it the bioplastics companies themselves providing info over their production capacity and (wishful) expectations. But honestly, this may probably apply to all other materials ‘reports’ (including fossil-based plastics). I think it’s a normal reaction to amplify the business you’re in.

I think, bioplastics has been facing sluggish growth since its beginning. I’m not going to say stagnating but it’s definitely not ‘mainstream’.

When you read a prognosis or forecast that bioplastics will grow with a certain percentage, always compare what the regular plastics growth forecast is over the same period and make the extrapolation in terms of absolute volumes.

Growing from 1 kg to 2kg is a 100 % growth. Growing from 100 kg to 110 kg is a 10 % growth

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Plant-Based Plastics Gain Favor as Companies Pursue Sustainability Goals

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