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Stanley Meyer

A US citizen named Stanley Meyer (1940-1998) claimed to have invented the ‘water fuel cell’ …. potentially, one of the most important discovery of modern times.


The water fuel cell was designed to take in minimal amounts of water, have an electric current run through the liquid, which then divided the molecules into their respective elements: H and O. Hydrogen atoms would be burned, followed by a release of clean emissions (meaning ones that would not cause harm to the environment or the atmosphere).

Meyer’s patents have expired. His inventions are now in the public domain, available for all to use without restriction or royalty payment. No engine or vehicle manufacturer has incorporated Meyer’s work


In 1998, Stanley Meyer was in a business meeting with his brother and two potential foreign investors, Stanley began to violently vomit, and his brother claimed Stanley’s final words were that he was poisoned. The coroner’s report stated that Meyer had died due to a cerebral aneurysm.

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Personal Remarks

Some people claim Stanley Meyer was assassinated, some people claim this is a “conspiracy theory”.

What do I think of it?

I published an article that you should read regarding the origin of the ‘Oil Rush’ where I observed that oil became a strategic resource at the beginning of the 20th century because it was a potential ‘gold mine’ for (1) individual enrichment but also because of (2) geopolitical interests: countries, nations and empires needed to acquire oil resources to enable the ‘energy revolution’. Let me rephrase this, Western powers like the US and European nations needed ‘oil’ to keep their economic and industrial supremacy.

In the following article, you will read about the influence of ‘oil’ on the course of history: The Oil Empire Fairy Tale (FREE)

There are many official reasons to explain the beginning of World War I. The most accepted reason was the assassination of prince Ferdinand in Sarajevo (1914). I think there may have been another reason that was overlooked: Germany had secured their oil interests through a partnership with the Ottoman Empire, a huge setback for the British empire and its old American colony. Let us remember the ‘War in Iraq’ when Western politicians falsely claimed the war wast motivated by the presence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq while it became clear afterwards that ‘oil interests’ where the nerve of the war. In other words, governments were overthrown and citizens were killed to secure oil resources and transport.

To come back to the watered powered car, it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine that someone like Stanley Meyer may have been killed because it would disrupt current (oil) power structures.

However, times are changing as all evil is being blamed on oil so the time could come to re-look at a possible game changer … a water-fuelled engine. Could it work and is it technically viable? And what are the possible consequences on the environment? Is our society ready for such a disrupting technology? Could such technology be developed and commercialised or would there be too many ‘insuperable’ (financial) interests?


Stanley Meyer: An Infamous Invention and Death

Stanley Meyer’s water fuel cell

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