No more Bioplastic Support (FREE)

I've always made a point of replying to all the questions, messages and emails I receive through but unfortunately I have to put a hold on this. This is a FREE article

I’m literally flooded with questions and demands asking me to provide advise, opinions, samples or contact details.

I have the impression that there’s a lot of questions and uncertainties out there regarding bioplastics.

Even, if I was unable or unwilling to help … I made a point of replying to each message which i’m not going to do anymore.

My apologies for the frustration this is going to cause but sometimes you need to set priorities in life.

Please understand that it’s not my role to answer all those bioplastics-related questions. I’m just providing information through the website … I’m not a spokesperson or dealmaker of the industry…. i’m not an industry person … . I’m just a simple blogger.

So please don’t send any Business “questions” anymore through the website.

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