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Improving sustainability of everyday products with forest-based ingredients

By adding wood pulp fibres to biodegradable polymer blends, a group of leading organizations covering the full supply chain, bring cost competitive solutions to markets such as packaging or consumer products


  • Fully bio-based & compostable
  • Drop-in solution
  • Techno-economically competitive

Michel Labonte – Chief Technology Officer at good natured Products:

“FPInnovations has brought all actors of the supply chain around the same steering table, which is allowing us to take the right decisions for a success. That collaborative approach sets up all the conditions in synergy, to direct the R&D work in an efficient manner and to accelerate access to market, for a quicker scale-up to production. And good natured Products Inc. (GDNP) as the molder, can test these unique biocomposite sheet rolls into thermoformed containers on high speed equipment, for the competitive benefit of potential eco-sensitive end-users”.


  • Continuous compounding process – Up to 40% substitution with fibre-based reinforcement
  • Production capacity up to 5,000 kg/hour

Peng Ye – Global Sales Support Manager at Farrel Pomini:

“This Initiative has allowed us to work closely with our material suppliers and prospective customers. Through regular meetings and development trials, we are able to better understand the raw material properties and market demand. As a result, we can fully optimize our machine parameters to achieve the desired final compound properties. The initiative offers an efficient opportunity for inter-industry collaboration which helps us develop new applications on our equipment and potentially open new markets for us”.


  • Optimal use of forest residues
  • Competitive substitution of petro-sourced material
  • Synergies with end users for quicker access to market of cellulose-based novel products

Matyas Kosa – Bioproduct Lead at West Fraser:

“Working with FPInnovations is very effective for commercially focused entities. R&D activities need professionals from diverse backgrounds and FPInnovations hits the right balance as an external R&D team with professionals capable of creating solutions in support of the Canadian forest sector’s global competitiveness”.


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