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It’s a bit Quiet in Bioplastic Land (FREE)

Everything seems a bit quiet in Bioplastic land. This is a FREE article.

It seems quiet over here …. not many news items to share. Is it good or bad news? Is it the calm before the storm? Is it because of the school holidays? Is it seasonal? The beginning of the Spring? Or did I miss something?

Is it because of the current economic crisis?

The price of everything went up at once; never seen before inflation rates. Just because two countries went to war, the whole globalised western economic and trade model has gone bananas.

The EU economic sanctions were intended to fold the Russian economy in two, but instead EU citizens (middle and lower classes) were folded in two and were the victim of those sanctions. I never had it so cold in my life. We couldn’t turn on the central heating because “gas” and “energy” were so expensive.

The price of food, rents, consumer goods, etc went up; the salaries were indexed but nothing compared to the inflation rate of goods and services. And it’s not over yet. TotalEnergies sold all of its retail operations in many EU countries; Delhaize group intends to sell all of its retails shops in Belgium. WOWW!

The media portrayed Mr. Megaloman aka “Donald Trump” as the evil; but I never had it so bad than under the reign of Ursula von der Leyen (EU) and Joe Biden (USA).

I think it’s political mismanagement: they should have avoided or de-escalated (1) the military conflict and (2) the economic crisis …. or at least one of the two …. but now we have both: conflict and economic crisis.

Could one or the two have been avoided? I’m persuaded of this.

When we have politicians who are disconnected from the reality of the middle class, it’s always the later that will be the victim.

It’s easy to throw economic sanctions and encourage war when you’re part of a privileged class. The difference between the EU and Russia is that here in the EU, the citizens can criticise their political elite without going to jail but the mainstream media is not neutral in both regions. They both defend the interest of the “established” powers.

And coming back to bioplastics … I’m not sure if this global economic crisis is a good thing for bioplastics.

Anyway, keep up the good mood. Don’t let yourself be caught in the web of greed. Try to place humans above profit and don’t forget to do a good deed…. at least once a day.

Act like a gentleman!

The Gentleman Fairy Tale

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  1. You have never been living in the East European countries under the russian heel, there is no way to de-escalate Putin will. It was done in the past see the georgian war and the 2014 Donbass& Crimea and the net result is that we got a worst war in 2022.
    I’m not in favour of war, absolutely, but that’s the reality, the rest are dreams of a privileged western inhabitant.

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