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Police Brutality and Human Right Abuses under the Auspices of Macron (FREE)

There have been many demonstrations for the last few days in France. French police forces have used extreme violence to discourage demonstrators. Here are a few videos circulating on Twitter. Many believe that France is turning into a police state. It's our moral duty to condemn any human rights abuses; especially happening in a country like France. This is a FREE article

Initially, Macron had been elected to bring a change to French society. French citizen elected Macron because they believed he was different than career politicians who talked and didn’t keep their promises.

Many French people now believe that Macron is a bit more evil than his predecessors. His mandate has been filled with exaggerated police brutality against French civilians

Here are few examples taken from twitter. You can play the videos by pushing on the play button of each twitter posts

Here … Let’s just walk on the head of someone lying on the floor.

Why not brutalise a teenage boy

One less pensioner … is one less pension to be payed

With love …. from Macron

Why not shoot on journalists?

More over here

Lets beat up some women too

Bling Bling

There are many more videos circulating on Twitter but not showed in the media.

However, my favourite one is the following video. French President Macron is giving an interview regarding the demonstrations. Suddenly, he realises that he forgot to remove his watch; so he does it under the table. He places the watch on the table and someone removes it

Mainstream media says that the watch is worth 2.400 EUR and that the reason he removed it was because it was clinging on the table….

However, social media influencers who know about “bling bling” luxury watches claim that the watch is worth 80.000 EUR … Not a good fashion accessory when you’re unbolting “acquis social“.

Final Words

Initially, I believed that Macron was a good person … a well-intentioned person. We are in his 5th year of power and I think no other European country has turned into such a brutal police state as France.

I can understand that the French labour market and pension system may have to be reformed, and that reforms will be unpopular in France.

But the level of brutality exercised on the French people (remember the Gillets Jaunes, and now this) is just unseen in modern democracies. It’s just too much.

Over the years, Macron has given many privileges to the wealthy people and taken away from the poor people.

I’ve seen enough!

A real gentleman would not order such violence.

Goodbye Mr. Macron, I pray the Lord that you will be sanctioned adequately for all your crimes committed against humanity and I hope the French people will never elect you again.

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