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The National Biobased Products Day Fiasco (FREE)

Apparently, yesterday (March 8th) was the first "National Biobased Products Day". This is a FREE article

God knows what that is.

I didn’t even know what it was, when it was and what the purpose was.

Nobody, reached out to me to share this info.

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This, pretty much resumes the problems of bioplastics… and probably of the whole bio-based economy.

A healthy dose of amateurism.

As the French would say … on n’est pas sorti de l’auberge.

After some research, I discovered, to my greatest surprise that it was organised by …. the USDA.

Wooowww … clearly not the brightest campaign ever done by the USDA

It looks as if they did it between …. ze soup and ze potatoes….. between …. ze aperitif and ze dessert

In addition, it was done on the same day as the “International Women’s Day” … as if they wanted to hide it.

More on the National Biobased Products Day

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