Plastic Bans US Waste Management

City of Boise Says No to All Compostable Plastics

It doesn't look good for compostable plastics. The result of the "Divide et impera" strategy of European Bioplastics under the previous management of TotalEnergies .... A sweet bitter dish of greed with a "bad Karma" sauce. Better served cold or not at all. Bon Appetit!

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  1. Hi Axel,

    Just to let you know, composting facilities in the state of Oregon in the US do not want bioplastics either. Among the reasons: bioplastic materials are very uneven in quality and degradation at their processing conditions; the resulting compost is not of good quality; material does not degrade well and composters should change their procedures; among other reasons.

    1. Dear Martha, thank you for your comment. To my knowledge, this has been known for a while; read the following article Oregon Composters. Has there been any recent news on this particular topic in Oregon?

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