BASF Media Indoctrination Session (FREE)

I'm invited by BASF for a media indoctrination Session on bioplastics. I wonder if they're gonna talk about ze "Anschluss" and "Endlosung". This is a FREE article.

I received the following invitation by BASF

Save the date for BASF’s Research Press Conference 2022

Dear media representatives,

The chemical industry is in the midst of a fundamental transformation, which BASF is driving for-
ward with new concepts and approaches in its raw material base and its product development.

At this year’s Research Press Conference, we want to present some of our solutions and explain:

  • why white biotechnology is becoming increasingly important for the chemical industry,
  • why BASF and LanzaTech are jointly developing a process that enables chemicals to be produced from alternative carbon sources such as industrial off-gases, and
  • why basic research on biodegradability makes an important contribution to developing sustainable products.

Please save the following date: Thursday, November 17, 2022

The event will run from 12.30 p.m. until approximately 3.00 p.m. (CET) and is planned as an interactive livestream. The conference language is English; simultaneous translation into German will be provided. You will receive more detailed information in due time.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Yours sincerely,


Media Relations

Personal Remarks

No thank you! Nein Danke Schön.

However, I have a few questions?

Will BASF CEO, Martin Brudemuller, (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger) talk about ze Anschluss of Austria by Germany or will he talk about ze “Endlösung or der Judenfrage” cos BASF was trialed for crimes against humanity at the Neuremberg Trials; and they’re still around (Read Who is BASF? ).

How did they get away with murder? I think ABBA answered that question …. Money, Money, Money … always sunny …. in a rich men’s world.

Another question: Will the descendants of Adam and Eve risk being deported to a BASF factory in Ukraine?

You know my stand on bioplastics …. I don’t swallow all of ze greenwashing and I remain objective …. with my own style, so most of the “European Bioplastic”s members are into a cabal against my person and (Read European Bioplastics Calls for a Boycott).

In practice: they don’t reply to my emails, they have removed me from their media distribution list, they don’t advertise on my website and they cancel their subscription to They even get some of their German media outlets reach out to the companies who advertise on my website and do the witch hunt in their place. A nice little German cabal…. not what real gentlemen or good housefathers would do. All of this happened under the auspice of the chairmanship of “TotalEnergies Corbion”.

Well you know, Germany has never been completely denazified after WWII and … the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The thing when you deal with ze Germans is that yo never know whether they’re ancestors where killing your ancestors in the past (*)

It’s funny when big multinationals are scared of a blogger … it tells you something about the industry.

However, I need to add the following about BASF: BASF is the company that I have criticised the most …. but still, they remain professional to some extend …. to the contrary of companies like NatureWorks, TotalEnergies Corbion, Danimer Scientific, Tipa, etc … I mean NatureWorks is the worse; they’re an insult to the “professional’ American corporate culture.

BASF still sends their press releases to me, they answer all my emails when I write to them …. sometimes I get answers by the Board of Directors and they even invite me to their media greenwashing sessions, which tells me something about their professionalism and customer service. Respect to that!

But then again, it was BASF who initiated the boycott against my person …. discrimination of individuals, ….So they’re a few rotten apples in the BASF basket but maybe not all of the company is in ze same basket.

Ladies and Gentlemen …. behave like real gentlemen … don’t get involved into harming people or the environment …. Read The Gentleman Fairy Tale

PS – (*) I’m stereotyping here, cos children shouldn’t be condemned for the crimes that their (grand-) parents committed.

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