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Maip to Buy Bio-on (FREE)

MAIP made an offer to buy Bio-on, probably the best deal in the history of bioplastics. This is a FREE article

Maip (whose name was first detected by Repubblica Bologna ) did not respond to our request for an interview. 

Nor have the curators unbuttoned themselves, ” for reasons of confidentiality on the procedure” . 

But trade union and Emilia Romagna regional sources confirmed to Wired that it is precisely the Turin company that has come forward for Bio-on . 

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The proposed bankruptcy arrangementit puts an end, at least momentarily, to auctions, which as the only result produced a systematic lowering of the value with which the company was offered on the market. 

Now the court will have to examine Maip’s proposal, evaluate its solidity and understand if there is anyone interested in making a raise, before signing the move. 

Since the composition proposal provides for a surety, it means that the group is ready to park some money to conclude the agreement. 

According to the Corriere della Sera , Maip would have offered 17 million euros for Bio-on. 

Personal Remarks

Well, € 17 Million for the Bio-on factory and patents is probably the best deal ever in Bioplastics history.

Let us remember that the founders of Bio-on are still innocent ….because everybody is innocent in modern justice systems until proven otherwise ; however, in Italy … there are still laws that date back to the Roman Empire.

What the Bio-on founders have gone through must be very hard … especially for their mental health, careers, … and family. How do you explain this to your children?

The same thing that happened to Bio-on (attack by short sellers) , happened to Danimer Scientific … but in addition Danimer Scientific was also attacked on their biodegradation claims which was not the case for Bio-on… However, Danimer Scientific is still operational and was not confiscated by the American justice …

Welcome to Europe …. The Lala Land of hypocrisy

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Qualcuno vuole comprare Bio-on, l’ex unicorno della bioplastica

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