Bioplastics Chronicles

Reflections on the NBC, CBS and Time Article (FREE)

What's happening? Has the world gone mad? NBC, CBS and Time publish the same article about bioplastics on the same day? Is it a mirage, a Fata Morgana, god's will, a coincidence or a white rabbit pulled out of a black hat? This is a FREE article.

I was amazed to find out that 3 main newspapers / magazines (Time, CBS, NBC) published an article about bioplastics on the same day …. What a coincidence!

Even more amazing, is that they published the same content … What a mega coincidence!

Even more amazing is that they all talked about Danimer Scientific. Seriously? How is that possible?

And even more amazing is that they all refer to the same market research company ….. Zion Market Research ….

It’s not Dej√† vu … This is ….. never vu.

Who are those guys at ….how are they called again …. Zion … Market Research?

Do you mean “Zion” as in the biblical sense …. as in the land of the Hebrew God?

As in … next door to the “Garden of Eden” where humanity is said to have emerged?

As in … where the first monotheistic God spoke to his followers who had just crossed the dessert?

As in …. where people have been seen walking over water?

No … noo…. Zion as in …. India …. between ze potatoes and ze tomatoes.

I had a quick look on the internet and according to Google; they’re based in India on the ground floor of this building ….

Talking about …. pulling a white rabbit out of a black hat …

Reaching out to Time, CBS, NBC …. from between ze potatoes and ze tomatoes?

This deserves an award and a standing ovation.

The universe works in mysterious ways; but there must have been some kind of invisible hand behind this …. a well oiled American PR machine…. like the one that can move mountains and cross oceans.

Anyway, thumbs up to Danimer for this magic trick

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