3M Involved in Earplugs Scandal (FREE)

3M involved in another scandal. This is a FREE article

Aearo Technologies LLC, is an Indianapolis-based company bought by 3M in 2008 that allegedly made faulty combat earplugs.

Between 2003 and 2015, Aearo Technologies Inc. and parent 3M Company manufactured and supplied the United States military with Combat Arms earplugs to protect the service members’ ears from the loud sounds associated with military training and combat.

Thousands of military service members and veterans have sued 3M, alleging the company’s earplugs were defective and led to hearing damage from loud sounds on the battlefield or during training exercises.

3M wants to put Aearo into bankruptcy.

3M has committed $240 million to fund the bankruptcy , in addition to another $1 billion for a trust to resolve the defective earplug litigation.

Personal Remarks

3M is yet again in the sight of the “eye of sauron”.

3M is supposedly a respectable corporation but it seems as if they placed “profit” higher than anything else.

Another good example of “corporate greed” and what needs to change in “Corporate Land”.

I can’t help but ask myself these simple questions: What kind of sharks work at 3M? Do you need to sell your soul to the devil to work at 3M?

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