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Macron Becomes Oil Salesman (FREE)

When politicians become snake oil salesmen. This is a FREE article

The Europe Union (EU), especially the European Commission, and many others including French President Macron have been promoting the Green Deal for some time.

To make a long story short: It looked as if EU citizens were forced fed with the Green Deal while most of them didn’t understand what it was all about.

The Green Deal is, in theory, …. or should I say …. was, in theory, about reducing our dependency to fossil fuel.

In reality, the Green Deal is some kind of “corporate” dogma invented by the “World Economic Forum” to blame all evil on “fossil” and “CO2” (carbon and oxygen atoms) and greenwash the corporate greed and financial markets who are the real disrupters of the environment and human dignity.

Then came the “reality check” … the Ukrainian conflict …. the Green Deal was defenestrated and didn’t survive the summer of 2022…. or shall we say … it was placed in the “fridge” or in the “garage”.

If you watch the following video … I can’t help but think of the term “snake oil salesman” or just “oil salesman” …. the new word for “carpet dealers” … it looks as if our politicians have become “snake oil salesmen”.

Looking at the current global shortage and inflation, it looks as if the “Ukrainian conflict” has disrupted the whole global economy…. or as they call it “Globalisation”.

I mean … it seems as if everything comes from Ukraine …. olive oil, cars, electricity, fuel, cheese, salt, vegetable, fruit, meat, bikes, etc The price of everything went up.

That poor and corrupt country that was left behind since the collapse of the Soviet Union … could disrupt the global house of cards? Seriously? It looks more like an Alfred Hitchcock scenario to me …. a fiction.

The point of the global economy was just to be able to resist to single events and conflicts; now it seems as if the global economy is a house of cards.

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