Plastic Recycling is Working says Bloomberg Columnist

Plastic Recycling Is Working, So Ignore the Cynics says Bloomberg columnist -- The columnist only speaks about PET and HDPE. Maybe we could also ignore the plastic continents in the oceans? I wonder who's whispering in his ears? Or maybe, he was winter sleeping for the last 4 years? Unfortunately, End-of-life is plastics' achilles heel.

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  1. What is the source of plastic waste in the ocean ?passenger/cargo ships dump all their waste including that of plastics,food waste in the ocean,while passing through, which goes floating through the ocean n different coasts, thus the so -called Environment Activists continue shouting against plastic waste seen floating in the ocean.Stop dumping all.types of waste in the, ocean
    by advising ships operators, the visibility of plastic wastes gets reduced/disappear…

    ..O P Ratra, 13 June, 2022, India

  2. Yes , plastic recycling is working globally,both
    in. developed n developing countries as per established standards. PLASTIC WASTE IS A business, a resource n source of livelihood for the informal.sector–waste pickers, dealers n recyclers.plastics as group of materials have several essential.applications,in food packaging,health.n.medicare,electric n electronics industries etc, as recycled plastics have several
    Secondary applications.Shouting against plastics as ” Pollution” by the so- called Environment Activists is uncalled for.

    O p Ratra, 12 June, 2022, India

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