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Search Warrant in the 3M PFAS Case (FREE)

The federal judicial police have carried out a search on a government body (environmental inspectorate) in Antwerp. This is a FREE article

The search follows a documentary by “Pano” about, among other things, the PFOS pollution around the 3M factory. 

The documentary and an audit showed that a supervisor at the Inspectorate had for years too close contacts with some companies in Antwerp.

According to the documentary, a manager of the Environmental Inspectorate stopped or slowed down any attempts to take action against the pollution of several companies in Antwerp, including 3M. 

In March, a report from Audit Vlaanderen confirmed this conflict of interest.

At 3M, no tampering was found in the audit, but the chemical company and PFOS would have been discussed in the statements of the witnesses.

All facts and statements relate to the period before 2019, when the civil servant retired after 27 years of service. 

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Huiszoeking bij milieu-inspectie na “Pano” over jarenlang gebrek aan controle op vervuiling van Antwerpse bedrijven 


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Personal Remarks

We’re probably aiming at the conclusion that at least obe Flemish / Belgian public officials has been bribed to allow big corporations to pollute in Antwerp.

What did ABBA say again: Money, money, money …. Always sunny …. In the rich man’s world

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