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First International Meeting of Perfume Professions (FREE)

The International Perfume Foundation organises the First International Meeting of Perfume Professions in Paris on July 1st. This is a FREE article

What is the future of perfumery?

100 experts from the perfume industry will meet in Paris on July 1, 2022 to discuss the future of perfumery.

Perfumers, Designers, Brands, Distributors, Retailers, Producers of raw materials, Manufacturers of packaging, Trainers, Teachers, Publicists come together to discuss and define the orientations of the professions of perfumery and perfumery products, in response to the challenges of a changing world.

All in Perfume! “In the days of Ancient Greece, ‘Aller au Parfum’ meant ‘meeting to discuss’.

Today, in the current French language, “Etre au Parfum” means “to be aware”.

From the sharing of ideas, a discussion forum, face-to-face meetings, the opening of dialogue, fair information, collaboration, freedom, creativity, innovation and therefore development are born. 

Under the chairmanship of perfumer Serge Lutens and an important International Honorary Committee, tributes will be paid to eminent contemporary figures in perfumery, including Jean Kerléo, nose of Jean Patou and founder of the Osmothèque, and Pierre Dinand , creator of countless perfume bottles.

On the program: conferences, workshops, the New Luxury Awards ceremony and a Gala Dinner, in support of Murano glassmakers.

Organized by the International Perfume Foundation and Marquise Invest, this third edition of the New Luxury Awards will reward perfumers and brands for their efforts in protecting the environment and respecting the New Luxury Code.

“Our goal is to drive fragrance and packaging creativity by adopting the New Luxury Code as sustainability standards for authenticity, integrity and transparency. This competition also aims to create a link between new perfumers, new designers and students in perfumery or packaging”

Creezy Courtoy, President of the International Perfume Foundation.

The international partners of this event are:

This event will take place Place St Germain des Prés in the superb Hôtel de l’Industrie.

The ideal place to host this first international meeting of Perfumery professions and discover the future of the perfume industry, sustainable packaging, new extraction processes, know-how and smell the most beautiful raw materials.

Info, program: 

List of speakers:


About International Perfume Foundation (IPF)

IPF is the only organization that works to preserve the heritage of perfume and cares about its future.

Its main activities are Education, Certification and Research.

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Why should brands be present?

Chinese and Middle Eastern distributors will be present and a press conference will be organised during the event by the agencies of Pascale Venot (beauty and generalist press) and that of Nataly Joubert (industry press).

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