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Bioplastics Integration in the Aviation Industry (FREE)

This article provides a neutral approach to the feasibility of integrating bio plastics within the aviation industry to support sustainable growth, whilst maintaining effective maintenance facilities, procedures, and flight operations. This is a FREE article

Some focal points around this thesis identified the significance of flax fiber reinforced polymers
(FFRP’s) and mycelium-based composites having potential to replace aircraft components.

These components include but are not limited to:

  • Structural components
  • Non-structural components
  • Insulative materials [Thermal and Acoustic]
  • Packaging
  • Decorative components
  • Disposable/Consumable items

With scarce literature approaching the effects bioplastics have on maintenance facilities, primary research has been obtained by professional personnel currently working in the aviation industry through both digital questionnaires and in face interviews.

Through life cycle assessment (LCA), the materials considered have proven to enable sustainable outcomes if specific parameters are met during both their production and disposal stages.

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Author Description

Kyle Davies is a final year student studying BSc (Hons) Aircraft Maintenance Engineering and Maintenance Systems in the University of South Wales.

Born in Aberystwyth and residing in Rhoose, South Wales, Kyle has always had a passion for the integration of sustainable outcomes within the engineering world. Other passions of his include Rock climbing, song-writing and martial arts.

Since finishing Secondary (high) school in 2015, Kyle has pursued his journey in higher education engineering, achieving a merit in level 3 mechanical engineering diploma, completing the A1 aircraft maintenance engineering course and on way to achieve a first’s degree and B1 license in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

Now coming to graduation, Kyle is set to work as a Junior Mechanic for a local airliner to achieve his B-License and to work up the ranks to full Mechanic and Contractor. If you have any queries regarding this work etc. email him on: kyl3davies@gmail.com.

Kyle Davies, University of South Wales 

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