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Missouri Debates Chemical Recycling (FREE)

Missouri lawmakers to debate chemical recycling. This is a FREE article

Missouri lawmakers are pushing to ease state regulations on “advanced recycling,”.

The sponsors of the bill hope the chemical recycling facilities will create many jobs and save the environment from plastic.

Ford said existing mechanical recyclers also didn’t want to be put at a disadvantage compared to advanced recycling facilities’ potential regulatory break.

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Reuters analyzed 30 advanced recycling facilities and found that most are behind schedule or have closed down.

The Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives said that of more than three dozen facilities announced since the early 2000s, only three are operational — and only one is creating new plastic.

The American Chemistry Council claims there are seven advanced recycling facilities making new plastic at commercial scale.

Personal Remarks

The credibility of the plastics company is at stake with chemical recycling.

If chemical recycling is working, they should prove it ASAP.

If it’s not working, they should be honest about it and communicate in a transparent way to the government officials.

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Missouri debates ‘advanced recycling’


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