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Interview with GM Fluid Quip Technologies (FREE)

Interview with Timothy Bauer, General Manager, Growth Ventures, Fluid Quip Technologies. This is a FREE article -- RETHINKING Materials / London May 4-5 / 10 % Discount Code = BioPlasticsNews10
  • How are Fluid Quip supporting industry goals for a circular economy? 

Fluid Quip’s support of initiatives in driving towards a circular economy is broad.  One of its primary focuses is on deployment of its clean sugar technology™ (CST™).  CST unlocks a new source of raw material that enable bio-based processes to achieve critical economics and scale versus traditional petroleum-based processes.  These bio-processes include the manufacturing of polymers, surfactants, solvents, corrosion inhibitors, and food ingredients with lower carbon footprint when using CST as its raw material source.  

  • Why is demand surging for biological innovation? What is needed to sustainably scale production to meet needs?  

The demand of biological solutions is accelerating as the negative impacts of climate change continues to impact humanity.  Synthetic biology has enabled a new industrial revolution that brings us closer to nature allowing us to nurture Earth in ways not possible before.  In order to maximize these innovations in rapidly building the scale needed for a circular world, collaboration is critical across all parts of the value chains. This especially includes developing partnerships between traditional petroleum-based companies and these new bio-based enabled companies.

  • Why is the Rethinking Materials summit an important date in your diary? Who are you looking forward to meeting?

Rethinking Materials summit is an important event for me as this brings an unparalleled opportunity to join forces with like minded individuals and companies on solving the toughest challenges facing is today in establishing broad and scaled circular solutions for materials.  I am looking forward to meeting with partners who are aggressively taking the discussion and putting it into action.

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