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French Plastic Federation Reacts to Macron Plastic Statements (FREE)

Reaction Of Plastalliance To The Remarks Made By The President Candidate Emmanuel Macron During The Meeting In Marseille On April 16, 2022. This is a FREE article.

Re-industrialisation and crazy dogmatism on plastics: the impossible “at the same time”

The declarations of the President candidate act in this Easter weekend the resurrection of the punitive and dogmatic ecology with as line of sight the death of a national industry which is one of the European champions (3rd) and even world (5th):

While the terms relocalization, reindustrialization or sovereignty are no longer dirty words and have been or are, following the action of the ETHIC Movement of which Plastalliance is a member, at the heart of the program of several candidates of this election including that of the candidate President,

While the covid crisis has reminded us of the essential character of single-use plastics in the health and food sectors

While massive investments in the circular economy and the recycling of single-use plastic products are underway, whether by large French and foreign groups or national SMEs (estimated in billions),

While the European Union and even less Germany (European industry number 1 in plastics) have not planned a generalized ban on single-use plastics and that according to NGOs themselves the production of plastic will double in the world by 2040 notwithstanding the French policy,

The French plastic bashing is relaunched:

If the objective is to discourage the industrialists of a promising sector and to undermine their investment visibility with thousands of job losses and relocations at the end, there is no doubt that it will be a campaign promise kept.

The only planning that emerges from all this is the future dependence of France for foreign single- use plastics because other countries, and in particular those of the EU, will continue to export their single-use plastic products to France, in application of the free movement of goods.

Unless the President candidate wishes, at the same time, also to return on the bases which founded Europe but we are not at a contradiction any more.

About Plastalliance

Plastalliance was created on May 1, 2005 and is the oldest professional organization representing the plastics industry.

Plastalliance gathers companies of all sizes and all sectors and in particular plastic packaging with a majoritý of SMEs on the 12 French metropolitan regions as well as professional Unions.

The plastics industry directly represents more than 3,000 companies and 116,000 direct employees.

Plastalliance accompanies the industry in the ecological transition and circular economy of plastics and bioplastics.

Plastalliance’s main objective is the independent maintenance of their competitivenesś and of a strong and sovereign French plastics industry.

Plastalliance is a member of the Circular Plastics Alliance, the European Plastics Pact, the ETHIC Movement and the National CPME.


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