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The Grand Bleu 2 (FREE)

A sequel of the famous movie "Le Grand Bleu" (The Big Bleu) is being filmed and two bioplastics companies are featuring in the movie. This is a FREE article.

Le Grand Bleu 1

The first movie was released in 1988 and produced by film director Luc Besson.

“The Big Blue” features gorgeous underwater photography and spectacular location shooting in the French Antibes, the Greek islands, Peru, and Taormina in Sicily. The emotional intensity of the film experience and mystical themes of the story have made it a cult phenomenon.

The movie is about deep diving and the competition of two childhood friends Enzo and Jacques who compete to be the best diver.

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Synopsis of “Le Grand Bleu 2”

The movie takes place in the middle of the ocean …

It’s the world championship “deep diving” and the characters are on a platform in the middle of the ocean.

Jacques is ready to make his dive.

The countdown has started: 10, 9, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2,1 …. Jacques takes his last breath and dives ….

Baf …his head gets stuck in a plastic bucket … it’s panic … it takes him 4 seconds to remove the plastic bucket.

He continues his dive ….. but baf again…. he gets stuck into what we call the “PET layer”; full of PET bottles …. the PET layer is situated between 5 and 15 cm deep.

Jacques makes his way through the bottles … but baf again … he reaches the “styrofoam” layer which is located between 15 cm and 45 cm deep.

Jacques continues his way … but baf again … he gets into the “Polypropylene” layer …. he’s getting tired … he doesn’t hear or see anything because “styrofoam” is a great insulator.

Jacques continues his dive … but baf … he gets into the the “PVC” layer at 1 meter deep.

Then, to make it worse, het gets a plastic straw in his left nostril and an earbud in his right nostril.

Funnily enough, there are no plastic cocktail stirrers. The only place on earth where you can find cocktail stirrers after the 1970s are at the cocktail receptions of the European Commission.

Then, Jacques continues his way … but baf again… he gets a plastic film over his face … he panics … and he starts to swallow seawater full of microplastics and microbeads.

The race is stopped … Jacques broke two world records:

He was able to swim 2 meters deep into the great garbage patch; and he broke the record of microplastics intake … 750 gram of microplastics in less than two minutes.

That’s it Folks.

Sometimes we need to laugh about dramatic events …. that’s what makes us human.

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