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My Meeting with BASF Board of Directors (FREE)

I was invited by the BASF board of Directors to exchange ideas. Here's the video of the meeting. This is a FREE article

I was lucky to be invited by the full board of directors of BASF.

The meeting started with an exchange of ideas but didn’t go as planned.

I’m on the left and the directors are on the right of the screen.

Play the video

Then, BASF CEO Martin Brudemuller (aka Arnold Schwarzenegger) made a presentation.

Unfortunately, his computer wasn’t working properly….

Play the video

Then, finally, the day ended with a face-to-face meeting with BASF CEO, aka The Terminator … and he had a clear message for me …

Play the video

Final Remarks

None of it is true of course. It’s the “Friday joke”…. Coincidentally, it’s the first of April.

I hope that I put a smile on your face.

The job of CEO is not easy. You need to combine different leadership skills or at least you need to empower your company with the following leadership attributes ….

  • Vision / Strategy
  • Technical Skills
  • Feedback Process
  • People Management
  • Code of conduct

And now go back to work ….

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