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J&J Green Paper and Cerax Partner on Coatings (FREE)

The company is expected to launch production of its fully compostable and environmentally friendly food packaging products in Q1 of 2022, conforming to EU directive. This is a FREE article

Companies using products that must conform with new European laws regulating single-use plastics are soon to have more options for environmentally friendly food packaging.

An expanded supply of alternative green paper is expected to begin production thanks to a recent business arrangement between J&J Green Paper, Inc., a Miami USA developer of green paper products, and CERAX PTY Ltd., a South African maker of specialty waxes.

Today, the partners disclosed an agreement in principle to make J&J’s patented JANUS moisture-proof coating at Cerax’s Jet Park, Johannesburg, South Africa facility, a factory with the current capacity to produce 24,000 metric tons of specialty waxes per year with room for further expansion.

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JANUS, developed by J&J to address the daunting global problem of plastic waste, is an all-natural moisture-proof solution used for the production of paper and paper packaging.

It enables paper producers to replace current petroleum-based moisture-proofing that, upon decay, creates toxic greenhouse gasses. JANUS is the world’s most eco-friendly paper – it’s organic, recyclable, compostable and repulpable.

The JANUS coating enables paper to meet rigorous industrial paper quality standards at a cost less than present polyethylene glycol (PEG) coated papers while still meeting the latest requirements of the EU Directive 2019/904, requiring the elimination of single-use plastics.

“Having greater access to this material to make and coat paper for food, beverage, and other consumer products directly helps the environment by reducing plastic waste and greenhouse gasses.”

Scott Segal, CEO of J&J, 

“For almost 35 years, Cerax has been producing high-quality industrial waxes on the African continent.

We consider ourselves a market leader and welcome the opportunity to partner with J&J Green Paper to usher in a new era of paper products to be delivered globally that will ‘do well by doing good.’”

“While this isn’t Cerax’s first foray into alternate eco-friendly waxes, it is special given timing and opportunity.

We feel a license to produce J&J’s proprietary paper coating not only enhances Cerax’s product line, but as a breakthrough product it meshes perfectly with global trends demanding a new global era of products,”.

Stuart Prior, Managing Director of Cerax. 


J&J Green Paper to Launch Manufacturing at Cerax in South Africa

rethinking materials 2023 featured image

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