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3M PFAS Belgium Fiasco – March Update (FREE)

Latest update on the Belgian 3M PFAS fiasco. This is a FREE article.

Compensation for Farmers

Between January 27 and February 18, farmers in the area around the 3M site were able to claim compensation.

37 farming companies have signed up for this.

The steering committee will determine which compensations will be paid.

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Then, the farmers will receive a concrete financial proposal.

The intention is to handle all admissible files by the end of March.

This means that the compensation will be paid at the latest at the beginning of April.

3M has previously committed to compensate farmers who have suffered damage as a result of the government measures. 

37 landbouwbedrijven rond 3M claimen PFOS-compensatie

Soil Analysis

New soil study concludes that PFAS pollution around 3M site is so serious that remediation is necessary.

The grounds that should be remediated are agricultural areas and gardens of residents. 

A soil remediation project will be worked out in the coming months.

Nieuw bodemonderzoek besluit: “PFOS-vervuiling rond 3M-site zo ernstig dat sanering noodzakelijk is”

Emission Standard

In October last year, the Antwerp deputation imposed stricter emission norms for 9 PFAS.

3M appealed the deputation’s decision.

Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA) rejects the appeal that 3M had filed.

In addition, the minister will immediately impose stricter standards for PFAS.

On the advice of the Regional Environmental Permit Commission, the emission standards for PFAS substances will be maximum 0.1 micrograms per liter and with immediate effect.

Demir verstrengt uitstootnorm voor 3M

Personal Remarks

It looks as if 3M is going to get away with the PFAS pollution easily.

I think there are three reasons to explain this:

1 – The “Oosterweel Project “construction works were financed with EU grants.

(a) Historically, The European Commission does a bad job in fighting corruption and fraud related to EU grants: Too many EU grants are given and not enough people to control and fight corruption.

(b) Flanders doesn’t want to lose the EU grant so they might be tempted to slide the fiasco under the carpet.

2 – Many politicians from several political parties and heavy commercial interests were involved in this environmental fiasco … and you know how it works: some people and organisations are above the law.

3 – the Flemish mentality – Flemish people are a bit naive and innocent or as they call it “Wereldvreemd“. Some people may think that is because they are from “peasant” origin; although I don’t completely agree with this because they had the cities of Brugge (the Venice of the North) and Ghent in the Middle Ages which were advanced trading hubs. I think it’s more related with the fact that they were invaded too many times. They didn’t develop the “leadership” and “risk taking” skills over time. They’re a bit afraid of what may happen if they sanction 3M.

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