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The First Quote of the Day

“Putin attacks Ukraine in order to divert attention from the climate problem.”

Frans Timmermans, European Commissioner for the Green Deal

Frans Timmermans

I have tears in my eyes …. so funny.

This one made my day.

It gives you an idea of the level of politics in Europe!

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Dear Frans, let me reassure you …. Putin doesn’t give a fly about climate change. Why would he want to create a distraction?

By the way Frans, NATO is looking for a new Secretary General … maybe it could be a nice career move?

In the name of the European Commission, I would like to apologise to the people of Europe for the embarrassment.

The Second Quote of the Day

“Gerhard Schröder accuses Ukraine of ‘saber-rattling.’ But perhaps it’s just the loose screws in his head that are rattling,”

Jan Böhmermann, a well-known satirist.

Ze Germans have a sense of Humour. Not bad at all!

Gerhard Schröder

Do you remember Bill Clinton and Tony Blair’s third way ? Well, Gerhard Schröder was the German version of it.

He was the German chancellor just before Angela Merkel.

He was the politician to reorganise and modernise the German labour market … leading to the German economic miracle

Angela got the credit for it, but in fact it was Gerhard who designed and implemented it.

He’s also the brain behind the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

An extremely ambitious individual who’s a good friend of Putin.

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