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d2w Bioplastic Bottles to be Launched in US (FREE)

Exclusive US supply contract and launch of nutritional-supplement bottles using d2w biodegradable technology. This is a FREE article

Symphony Environmental Technologies (AIM:SYM), global specialists in technologies that make plastic and rubber products “smarter, safer and more sustainable”, are pleased to announce the commencement of a two year exclusive US supply contract for their d2w biodegradable plastics technology in nutritional supplement bottles and the US launch with Better Earth LLC (“Better Earth”) of a new bottle for nutritional-supplements using d2w.

Better Earth has been working with Symphony for the last two years, initially on R&D and then trials to demonstrate a reduction in the environmental impact of discarded plastic bottles.

These trials have culminated in the decision to use Symphony’s d2w technology in the manufacture of Better Earth’s bottles.

Better Earth are launching the d2w bottles at the “Natural Products” Exhibition on 8 March 2022 and it is anticipated that manufacturing will commence with approximately 20 million d2w bottles of all sizes, growing to 120 million in the first year of exclusivity. 

The owners of Better Earth, Adam Ackerman and James Van Brocklin said:

“We at Better Earth are very much aware of the effect that plastic bottles have on the environment.  They are the best way to package our products, but as an environmentally-responsible company we have been searching for an innovative technology to reduce the environmental footprint of the bottles.  With hundreds of millions of plastic bottles being used and thrown out each year, not to mention labels and caps, this problem has become a serious issue that has been talked about a lot, with no available solution known to us – until now.

“We have decided to use Symphony’s d2w technology in the manufacture of our bottles and caps which from our trials has demonstrated will make them biodegrade up to 90 times faster if they get lost as litter, where they could otherwise lie or float around for decades.  We believe this will revolutionise how plastic bottles and other packaging are manufactured.”

“This contract with Better Earth is an important milestone for Symphony, being the first commercial use of d2w for bottles made of rigid plastic.

Furthermore, and as we have previously reported, Symphony has an extensive sales pipeline of more than 100 d2p and d2w projects, for which it is always pleasing when the trials and pre-production projects proceed to commercial contract.

We are pleased to have worked with Better Earth to respond to all their questions about our d2w technology, to help them find the right solution and which we hope helps them grow their business.”

Symphony’s CEO, Michael Laurier


New US Supply Contract

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