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Christmas Message from Brussels, the Centre of the FREE World (FREE)

My best wishes to all the readers. May the following message inspire some wisdom. This is a FREE message.

I’m sending this message from Brussels, the capital of Europe, Belgium and Flanders. I’m at the centre of Europe. A few kilometres from here are the European Parliament, Council and Commission.

I was born in Brussels from an English father and a French mother. I am what they call a Brusseleer or Zinneke, a name usually given to Flemish people living in Brussels and speaking French.

Europe or shall I say the “European Union” is a group of 27 countries with 24 official languages.

US or as I like to call it “America” is the ruling or leading Empire; they’re the economic, cultural, military and political super power on the planet.

US political institutions are also more efficient and customer friendlier than European political institutions. European institutions have become “Bourgeois” institutions who do not always act in the benefit of the majority. However, overall the situation is not too bad; and luckily, we have the members states.

In Europe or at least in Brussels (Belgium) …. we have a bourgeois lifestyle with lots of advantages and freedoms. We have a much better system than in the US and the rest of the world in the sense that it is organised around the interests of the middle classes. The life of an average European (member of the EU) is better and easier than the life of an average American. Europeans, as individuals, have the most rights and freedoms in the world. And those rights and freedoms cannot be taken away from us by authorities. We are born free, we have freedom of speech and opinion. We can choose our own religion and when you’re sick in Belgium, the state will pay 80 % of your medical bills and expenses in return of 10 € per month.

Most of the EU political and economical establishment lives in Brussels so what happens in Brussels should “technically” speaking happen to the rest of the EU. However, the day-to-day life in Brussels is run and managed by a Brussels authority who is completely independent from the EU institutions and establishment.

Brussels is a political or administrative entity, the real political power lays in the hands of the Flemish (Flanders) and the Walloons (Walonia). The legend says that the Walloons created Wall Street in New York. The name says it all Wall … oon … street

The real bosses in Belgium are the Flemish people. Flemish have been surrounded and conquered by the greatest empires of all times; from the Romans, Austro – Hungarian, British, French, German, Spanish, Dutch to the US empire (shortly after WWII). They may not be the bravest people in the bible but one could say that they are like the bastard kids of the greatest empires of all times.

After the battle of Waterloo in 1815, the British and the French went home but the Dutch stayed and they annexed the region of what later would become Belgium. Belgium’s independence in 1830 was fought in Brussels when the Dutch army walked in to conquer the city. The day of the decisive fights in the street of Brussels, the Brusseleers had nothing more than pots and pans to throw at the invading Dutch army. However, they had the support of Great Britain who wanted to create an independent country to weaken the French and Dutch and to guarantee her access to coal mines in Wallonia and harbours in Flanders.

Let me simplify and embellish the legend but the day of independence fights two or three chariots were thrown in the middle of main street, a small British commando with embassy attachés smuggled weapons and recruited ten-ish retired napoleon soldiers in local pubs. They were trained from their Napoleon battles and had lots of British ammunition, the Dutch army walked in like clowns … and the rest is history.


We are living in difficult times but our individual rights are universal and meant to apply during sunny and also cloudy days. This is what should make the European Union different than the rest of the world.

Forced vaccination and the corona pass are an infringement on our individual rights, let me tell you why:

  • Physical integrity is our primordial individual right: “forcing” someone to take a medical treatment is an infringement on his physical integrity. It is physical violence.
  • The vaccine is still in an experimental phase and can only be applied on a voluntary basis.
  • The advertising of prescription drugs is prohibited by law to avoid overconsumption and dependency; the media and the news have turned into complete “pharmaceutical” propaganda shows.
  • Doctors cannot impose a medical treatment on their patients. Instead, you should go the doctor; he writes a prescription for the vaccine. You run to the pharmacy, you receive advise and answer questions from the pharmacist, you buy the vaccine with your prescription paper and ID card. You return to the doctor where he does the vaccination. When you leave, he tells you to call him if you have any problems. Once you get home, you send your doctor receipt to the State. What is happening now is a McDonaldisation of the vaccination process.
  • A vaccine that needs three or four shots in a period shorter then two years is hardly efficient.
  • Many people accept vaccination for the wrong reasons: they want to have their normal life back; they want to be able to travel, consume, socialise without restrictions. The correct reason would be because you truly believe there’s a health risk that only vaccination can cure and because your doctor advised you to do so.
  • Vaccination passes limits free circulation and movement, right of consumption, social and cultural rights, the right to work.
  • Curfews and lockdowns are no more of this century in the “Best” system in the world.
  • On an individual basis, religion and science are a personal prerogative. They are equal; none of them is superior; they are just options for a free men. If you believe that by praying against the virus, you will be protected. It is your right to pray for it ten times a day, but you cannot force others to do the same. If you believe that vaccines can cure the virus, it is your right to be able to be vaccinated at a low price, but you cannot force others to do the same. It’s your right to live your life in a secular or religious way as long as you do not infringe on the individual rights of the other citizens. You cannot force a secular or religious cure on any individual.


Because it’s Christmas let us dive deeper into the Greek mythology, the roots of our modern day democracies.

When Prometheus gave fire to mankind, he told us to take good care of it. By giving us fire, he gave us our knowledge and freedom.

Prometheus payed a heavy price for this betrayal when Zeus discovered that he had given fire to men; he got very angry and attached him to a rock where his liver was eaten everyday by an eagle.

Zeus didn’t want to give fire to men because he was afraid men would become like them, the gods, and that we would create inequalities amongst us.

What is our Prometheus legacy today? Freedom … our individual rights to protect us against gods and semi gods; to protect individuals against modern day gods and semi gods such as states, organisations and multinational companies.

Well, today the world may not be perfect, but in Brussels we have the most freedom in the world. We are the capital of the Free world. However, there has been some pressure to change this.

Some companies are becoming too important on the altar of our individual rights. No company or organisation should be accepted inside the temple of Prometheus. There’s only room for humans and their individual rights.

Special Message to the Flemish

May the Flemish be inspired to remember the way our democracies have come to where they’re today and that we cannot turn our back on our universal individual rights.

It is time that you remind our neighbouring nations what democracy and freedom is about. It’s your time to write your name in the history books.

Take the olympic torch and shine your name on the walls of the Acropolis of individual rights.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2022.


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