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The Chinese Solar Panels Fairy Tale (FREE)

Presentation made on the topic of photovoltaic panels (solar panel) in the french Senate. This is a FREE article.

If your solar panels are built in France, it will cost you approximatively 10.000 € to avoid one ton of CO2.

If your solar panels are built in China, they will generate CO2.

Chinese solar panels are made with electricity generated from coal. The Chinese “coal” electricity generates 800 – 900 gr CO2 per kilowatt-hour (kWh).

The electricity available on the French network is around 130 -140 gr Co2 per kWh.

The production of French electricity generates between 6 and 8 times less Co2 than the Chinese electricity.

The amount of energy needed to produce a solar panel is approximately equal to 3 years of energy generation by the solar panel.

In terms of avoided Co2, it will last 30 years for the Chinese solar panel to re-pay it’s carbon footprint in France.

According to the presenter, you multiply 3 with 8 and you add approx 5 or 6 years for the co2 generated by the “system” (trade operations) and you obtain 30.

30 years is longer than the current life expectancy of solar panels

A solar panel produced in China and used in France will not save any Co2.

Not to mention the humanitarian issues related to minorities and forced labor (Solar Panels Are Made in Chinese Concentration Camps )


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