Minister Threatens to Shut Down 3M Plant (FREE)

Flemish Minister has threatened to shut down 3M plant in two days. This is a FREE article.

This morning, the Flemish government announced the results of the blood test that was carried out last summer.

796 people who live within a radius of 3 km around the 3M site in Zwijndrecht were tested and 59 percent of the participants have a high level of PFOS in their blood.

Flemish Minister for the Environment Zuhal Demir (N-VA) said the following in response to the results of the blood tests. 

3M Belgian Plant has two days to prove that they do not endanger local residents with their emissions. 

Otherwise, they have to shut down production processes that release PFAS. 

Connection with 3M

Residents who live closer to the factory or who have been in the area for a longer period of time have higher levels of PFAS in their blood. 

Higher PFOS values ​​can also be found in people who came into contact with soil particles through their profession, hobby or education. 


3M has tried to avoid communication with authorities and Environmental Inspectorate in recent months.

In addition, the company has also appealed against stricter emissions standards.

“Because 3M cannot or will not demonstrate that it currently does not emit anything that leads to additional exposure to PFAS, no risks are taken,” Demir said. 

The company must prove in black and white within two days that it does not expose the environment to additional risks.

3M must shut down all manufacturing processes that release PFAS in the environment if it cannot prove what the Minister asks.

“Great efforts have been made over the past two months to bring the company 3M to order,” says Demir. “Yet vital information is still missing, despite repeated demands over two months. Despite a notice. Added to this are the particularly poor results of the blood test. The patience has run out.”


‘Het geduld is op’: minister Demir dreigt 3M-fabriek stil te leggen als bedrijf niet met bewijzen rond PFOS komt

Personal Remarks

It’s amazing that a Belgian (Flemish) minister is taking such a strong action, because they’re usually very “passive”.

3M followed a secretive and obscure communication strategy in this 3M PFAS scandal. They’ve created suspicion.

The world is watching. The sword of Damocles is hanging over 3M’s head. The clock is ticking. Tic Toc … less than 48 hours before public execution.

It’s going to be the first time in history that a Belgian politician makes US politicians look ridiculous.

What a fiasco for 3M.

PFAS is going to hit the fan.

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