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Niall Dunne – Polymateria

Niall Dunne has brought bioplastics marketing to another level. He understands mass marketing like no one else in the industry. Niall is the first senior executive to market bioplastic like a commodity and FMCG product. 

Ilham Kadri  – Solvay

Ilham has been giving a voice to Solvay like no one else before her and she’s walking into Solvay’s founder footsteps. She’s giving a human face and voice to the chemical industry without falling into greenwashing. She’s keeping the family value of Solvay high on the agenda. 

Tom Szaky – Terracycle

Tom Szaky is the founder and CEO of Terracycle. He has been the face and the voice of the mechanical recycling and reusable packaging industry like no one else before him. He has changed his industry.

Peter Vanacker – Neste

Peter is a top player; he’s a consistent value. He has been a potential person of the year for the last three years since his appointment as CEO of Neste. He was the person of the year in 2019.

Martin BruderMüller – BASF

Martin started his tenure as a hyperkinetic bully but changed his management style overnight. Martin has been shining through his absence by allowing his colleagues and company to take the front stage. BASF has been doing very well under his leadership. He even created a LinkedIn account for himself. You must be a brilliant leader to adapt like Martin did.

Michael Stephen – Symphony Environmental

Michael Stephen has one of the toughest job in the industry. He’s defending OXO biodegradable plastics against many unfair accusations and below the belt hits. He has always remained fair play and defended his convictions like a gentleman. Michael has also been one of the most vocal persons to defend the plastics industry.

Richard Altice – NatureWorks

I’m joking; NatureWorks has become one the most obscure bioplastic company under the tenure of Rich. NatureWorks is literally the only bioplastics company that doesn’t reply to my emails, but then again this may be a Cargill legacy.

Jennifer Holmgren – LanzaTech

Jennifer Holmgren is one of the most visible advocate and leader of the biofuels industry. To make a long story short; I don’t know the name of any biofuel company CEO except the one of Jennifer Holmgren (and Peter Vanacker of course). A real lady and leader.