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Dishwasher Tabs Packaging Lies (FREE)

The Finish dishwasher tabs brand is not the most transparent and honest when it comes to packaging. This is a FREE article.

I was doing my errands in Brussels (Belgium) and needed to buy dishwasher tabs.

I went to my local “Delhaize” super market and was pleased to find a plant based solution produced by a Belgian company called Ecover.

I was going to buy it until I read something on the back (see picture below)

WRAPPER check local recycling.

I was a bit disappointed.

I expected this company to know what could be recycled in what market … especially in their own country.

And today with the “circular economy” and “extended producer responsibility” if a packaging cannot be recycled or sustainably processed at the end of its life … well then it should not be placed on the market.

Same thing for the other Ecover product (see picture below)

  • PLASTIC FOLIE – Raadpleeg lokale regelgeving
  • PLASTIC FILM – consult local legislation (translation)

Consult local legislation?


How weak is that!

It just means that it can’t be recycled I guess

Most dish washing tabs are packed in multilayer plastic packaging (see picture below)

Those are a real nightmare to recycle.

So I decided to go for another option.

The one who looked the most eco-friendly.

It was the most basic product and the cheapest one.

It also looked like the one with the less packaging.

On the back, it showed a sign of PAPER Recycling

So I went for it

I went back home and unboxed the pads.

And then the nightmare happened 😉

All the tabs were individually packed in plastic and there’s no indication of this on the box.

There’s also no indication how to deal with the plastic film after use.

This is betrayal of consumer trust.

I took my purchasing decision based on the visible signs and available information and I got ripped off.

Eventually, Ecover was the most sincere option but I went for the Finish Reckitt Benckiser Group plc greenwashers.

It says it all … Reckitt Benckiser Group plc are lying to their customers!

And the Delhaize Group are complicit to this environmental rip off

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