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Sometimes getting lost, wandering around in Paris can be very educational.

Even looking at the road near your feet.

Nature is always close to you, even when you don’t notice it, to remind you of the right thing to do.

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Men learn from their mistakes and from their successes.

In a macro economic context struck by the pandemic, the fight against polluting plastic stopped in February 2019.

Until February 2019, televisions, the web and all the newspapers in the world showed us daily images of dead dolphins full of plastic, whales and turtles strangled by plastic bags.

Every day we were told about how much plastic we ate without realizing it.

Plastic had become the number one enemy of the environment.

Then came COVID-19.

Since then, all plastic and genetic modifications (another very controversial field) are a must and accompany people all over the world.

The one who was hated has become a friend.

Plastic protects, plastic is good, plastic helps health….Yes but what plastic?

Obviously the polluting one, immediately ready for use and which, as many public researches say, can also make human beings sterile and generates a long list of cancers as well as becoming the number one enemy of the environment in the seas and on land.

Not to mention the micro plastics … .. that we all continue to eat every day.

And when we say all we really mean everyone.

The Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) conducted extensive research with German consumers on the use of plastic packaging to figure out the most effective approach to waste reduction.

The research shows that radical changes are needed in infrastructures, but above all in lifestyles, which requires a change of cultural and economic paradigm.

According to the survey, 96% of German consumers believe it is important to reduce packaging waste, however their consumption in Germany has grown steadily to 3.2 million tons in 2018, with a doubling of the waste generated. compared to 1997.

With 228 kilograms per capita, the consumption of packaging in Germany is much higher than the European average, equal to 174 kilos per capita.

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And people talk about 300 million tons produced and sold every year in the world !

In less than 10 years (in my opinion less than five) we will already be 1000 million tons produced and sold every year.

In a relatively short time the disaster will be even more visible to all.

I have spoken to various fresh food distributors and they have requests to protect the food even better with additional layers of plastic.

People with COVID have become isolated and fear contagion.

Imagine what they think of food choices in supermarkets.

They wants everything to be fully protected and NOT touched by anyone.

A cough and a sneeze are enough to ruin everything.

Try it yourself, look at the food departments.

Strong and very complicated plastic containers almost heavier than the product are there to guarantee you the “barrier”.

And I’m sorry to say, but nothing will be solved by those who recycle, transform and reuse.

It will only make things worse and pollute more.

It is scientifically proven, but no one wants to “hear” it.

Nobody wants to consider it because it is uncomfortable.

We must not interrupt the cycle that will lead us to 1000 million tons of polluting plastic in a few years.

That is the goal.

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In this context, which is disheartening and worrying for our children, there is only one solution left if we want to continue using plastic (which remains an extraordinary invention).

Producing different types, with a circular and environmentally friendly economy.

Nobody can escape from events.

The solutions are there and also I personally have given my contribution

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Even more than in 2007, when I started and despite what was done to me in 2019, I am increasingly convinced that the value of true bio polymers will soon be recognized and whoever is ready will win a great economic and social match.

Despair will induce to look for solutions and the real solution will be to produce and use real biopolymers where possible without shortcuts and trickery.

A pure product.

When we are among us and we have to make difficult decisions, let’s remember these simple things that people who are busy and committed only to earning and managing do not see and do not want to understand.

Everything we waste, everything we throw away in our country comes back to us with interest.

In fact, in Paris, on the street, I read on a manhole, in a side street and hundreds of kilometers away from the sea, this simple and wonderful phrase: YOUR SEA STARTS HERE.

It’s really true.

Pollution begins with each of us and our magnificent BLUE planet begins with our home and each of us.

If we do not understand that each of us has to change habits to save it, we cannot complain if we will soon be swimming in the middle of a sea of ​​plastic.

It is a good launch pad and I like to think that while Jeff Bezos launches into space today, there is still someone on earth who is thinking about saving her.

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