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Bioplastics Survey by Technological Institute of Philippines (FREE)

Participate to the bioplastics survey organised by the Technological Institute of the Philippines. This is a FREE article.

A research group from the Technological Institute of the Philippines-Manila Chemical Engineering Department is conducting research with the title: “A Comparative Study among Starch-based Plants Used in the Production of Bioplastic.”

The aim of this study is to determine which among ten (10) starch-based plants (taro, potato, avocado, corn, cassava, rice, wheat, sweet potato, barley, and sorghum) is best for the production of bioplastic using certain criteria.

With that said, the research group is looking for experts in the Plastic Industry that would be able to help them in completing their study.

The link to their survey form is: “https://forms.gle/47EKV39Sth22LjdU7“.

Your answers will help them identify the weight of their criteria in determining the best starch-based plant for the production of bioplastic.

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