Polystyrene Recycling Waste Management

Polystyrene Waste Recovery in France

The French association, Ruptur (120 members), which promotes a virtuous economy for the environment, has just launched a recovery process for polystyrene waste.

The idea: to collect the material from several neighboring companies in order to produce filling for cushions, poufs or pears. “Previously, this waste was buried”, specifies Mona Delteil, project manager of the association.

Six companies, members of Ruptur and based in the northern activity zone of La Roche-sur-Yon have joined forces to pool their debris: the modular manufacturer, Cougnaud (1,500 employees, € 304 million in turnover), the supplier of industrial electrical equipment VFE(77 employees, 25.3 M € turnover), the supplier of industrial machines Didelon Machines Outils, Vendée Matériaux, the trading branch of the Herige group , but also the electricity company Turquand SA and the paint manufacturer Simab.


The integration company Trait d’Union (65 employees) based in La Roche-sur-Yon provides transport to the Vendée Polystyrene processing plant in Saint-Martin-des-Noyers.

Once ground and then dusted, the polystyrene beads are sent to the Cotton Wood company, in Payré, south of Poitiers, which manufactures flexible seats and cushions.

The sector was set up on June 4. In just 15 days, the Cougnaud group collected more than 20 m3 of waste.

The association of managers seeks to federate more companies around this project and to find other outlets.

At the same time, Ruptur wishes to set up a recovery channel for packaging plastic and wood, in particular used to make pallets.


Ruptur launches a recovery system for polystyrene waste


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