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KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell Stops Polystyrene Foam Packaging

Yum! Brands, the company behind popular fast-food chains KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell, will phase out polystyrene foam packaging by 2022 globally, Yum! said Thursday.

“At Yum!, we believe that our iconic, global brands have a responsibility to make a positive impact on the environment in partnership with our franchisees and suppliers.

We’ve made strong progress over the years when it comes to our sustainability agenda and see renewable energy to reduce our carbon emissions as another important step on this journey.”

Yum! Brands CEO David Gibbs

As You Sow, a group that focuses on corporate social responsibility and climate change, praised the decision.

“This action could significantly reduce the amount of single use packaging that ends up as littered waste, especially in developing economies where YUM! does substantial business.

This is a win for oceans and marine life as foam packaging poses particular threats to wildlife.”

Senior Vice President Conrad MacKerron

Yum! uses the Styrofoam-like material in beverage cups and takeout containers at about 4,000 U.S. locations and 2,700 locations around the world, according to As You Sow.

It’s often found as beach litter that can harm animals.

The company’s decision comes after it reported fourth-quarter profit and same-store sales that fell short of expectations as a sales drop at Pizza Hut.


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Pizza Hut, Taco Bell eliminating polystyrene foam packaging


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