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Novamont Launches Resoil Foundation

Novamont, Turin Polytechnic and University of Bologna on 27 january 2020 launched in Rome, ReSoil Foundation, a new tool to boost a real change, starting from soil health and the key concept of territorial regeneration.

The new foundation aims at promoting activities in the fields of scientific research, technology transfer, training and dissemination, and the creation of awareness on issues related to soil health, a non-renewable resource, increasingly degraded by the anthropogenic action, pollution and climate change.

The launch conference was moderated by Filippo Solibello, radio host who has always been active on environmental issues, and it was opened by the three founders, Catia Bastioli, CEO Novamont, Guido Saracco, Rector of Turin Polytechnic and Francesco Ubertini, Rector Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, presenting the know-how with which they will contribute to the pursuit of the objectives.

Novamont, a pioneer company in the bioeconomy sector and in the development of bioplastics and biochemicals, will bring its experience in the construction of value chains integrated with the agricultural sector, in the study of products end of life and in the research and development of biodegradable products designed to solve pollution problems in soils and waters.

The Polytechnic of Turin and the University of Bologna will contribute respectively with the vocation to develop new highly innovative technologies to improve the interception and enhancement of organic waste and the excellence achieved in multidisciplinary studies and soil studies, leaving the doors open to anyone will want to contribute to the ambitious project.

The launch day ended with a round table attended by Donatella Bianchi, WWF Italy President, Flavio Bizzoni, President of CIC – Italian Composting Consortium, Damiano Di Simine, Head of soil protection and creator of people4soil Legambiente, Stefano Masini, Coldiretti Environment Manager, Michele Munafò, ISPRA Area Manager for monitoring and integrated analysis of land use, and territorial transformations and desertification processes and Giovanni De Santi, Director for sustainable development of the JRC of the European Commission.

Novamot Resoil Foundation


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Novamont, Turin Polytechnic and University of Bologna launch RESOIL FOUNDATION