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Sustainable Cosmetics Summit North America

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will be hosted in New York on 6-8th May 2020. Topics on the summit agenda include sustainable packaging, clean beauty, sustainability metrics, brand building, green chemicals, skin biomes, zero waste, responsible consumption, upcycling food ingredients, closing packaging loops, etc.

For the first time in North America, the executive summit aims to help the cosmetic & personal care industry move towards a circular economy.

The summit will discuss practical approaches to change product design, formulations, packaging, and consumption towards circular systems. More details

Organized by Ecovia Intelligence (formerly Organic Monitor), the aim of the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit is to encourage sustainability in the beauty industry by bringing together key stake-holders and debate major industry issues. In 2020, the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit will also be hosted in Latin America (São Paulo, 2-3 July), Europe (Paris, 2-4 November) and the Asia-Pacific (9-10 November).

Program Overview

The Sustainable Cosmetics Summit comprises four dedicated sessions and a training workshop…

Thursday 7th May: Day One

  • Session One: Sustainability Update
  • Session Two: Green Formulations

Friday 8th May: Day Two

  • Session Three: Marketing Developments
  • Session Four: Green Packaging Solutions

Wednesday 6th May: Pre-Conference

  • Workshop: Sustainability Metrics

Detailed Program

Thursday 7th May: Day One

Session One: Sustainability Update

Sustainability is now established in the cosmetics industry.

The last decade has seen significant developments in terms of raw material sourcing, production processes, measurement and reporting.

However, some argue that the current trajectory remains too slow and that a ‘systems overhaul’ is required.

The premier session gives a fresh perspective on systems change with view to a circular economy.

The keynote will introduce the circular economy. What are shortcomings of existing linear models? How should products be designed so that materials can have infinite cycles?

The importance of zero waste systems is discussed, followed by papers on healthy skin biomes and natural cosmetic regulations.

To conclude, featured speakers will discuss approaches to close material loops.

What can be done so that personal care materials are recycled and / or find new applications?

Session Two: Green Formulations

The palette of green materials for cosmetic & personal care products continues to widen. This session gives details of new and emerging green materials.

The use of cannabidiol in personal care products will be discussed. Food side streams are getting recognition as a viable source of cosmetic ingredients. A case study is given of a company that is upcycling food ingredients.

Other speakers will cover bio-based materials, sustainable alternatives to palm oil, and novel green chemicals.

A case study is given of a clean beauty brand that is formulating products without contentious chemicals.

Details are given of natural / clean ingredients.

The subject is further discussed by the panel: how should we define clean beauty ingredients? What is the outlook for such ingredients?

Friday 8th May: Day Two

Session Three: Marketing Developments

Although there is growing investment from cosmetic & personal care firms in green initiatives, some argue there is a communications gap with customers.

Sustainable product purchases remain low whilst relatively few consumers display responsible behavior. To this end, marketing can play an important role in communicating and educating customers.

This session covers marketing and consumer issues related to sustainable cosmetics.

Case studies are given of brands that have created sustainable personal care product ranges. Details are given of a new bio-based glitter that has lower environmental impact.

With unbridled consumption blamed for many of the planet’s problems, the case is made for a minimalist lifestyle.

How can changes in our minds and lifestyle possibly lead to a more fulfilling greener life? Approaches to encourage responsible consumption are discussed, followed by a panel discussion on positive change.

How can consumers be nudged towards leading a more sustainable lifestyle?

Session Four: Green Packaging Solutions

Packaging is providing a sustainability headache for cosmetic & personal care brands. Although consumer opposition to plastic pollution is rising, few companies have taken significant steps to reduce their packaging impacts.

This session discusses the various ways cosmetic & personal care firms can lower their packaging footprint, especially in terms of moving away from single-use plastics.

Details are given of popular approaches to measure the environmental footprint of packaging.

The importance of packaging design for sustainability is highlighted, followed by details of new bio-based packaging materials.

New innovative packaging solutions are highlighted.

To conclude, industry experts will discuss the packaging needs of a circular economy. How can cosmetic firms close their packaging materials loops? Is the way forward with sustainable materials or by removing packaging altogether?

Wednesday 6th May: Pre-Conference Workshop

Workshop: Sustainability Metrics

There is a growing realization that metrics can help operators on the green journey.

Sustainability metrics enable environmental, social and financial indicators to be measured and communicated.

They can help cosmetic and related firms build effective sustainability plans and programs.

They are also important tools in measuring impacts, operational efficiency, as well as communicating to stakeholders.

This new workshop discusses the use of sustainability metrics.

Approaches to measure and quantify common sustainability indicators are described. Using case studies, the use of metrics to formulate sustainability plans / programs / objectives is highlighted.

The use of metrics to encourage innovation and the shift to a circular economy is also described.



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